The World’s Greenest Maternity Ward

gm1For some, it can be hard to understand how a farmer can actually care and feel emotion for an animal that is being raised to one day enter the food chain.

But when a farmer decides to raise livestock for the purpose of food production, they take an unwritten oath to provide their animals with the utmost of care, protection and respect from the moment when life begins to the last point on the circle of life.  It’s a responsibility that is not taken lightly.

These intimate moments, captured by real farmers, show the compassion that is given to livestock right from the moment they are born.


gm 2

@PineValleyDairy (Mineral Point, Wisconsin)

Excited for a new #allstar heifer! #FarmVoices everyday is #EarthDay on the #farm… #newlife #dairy



@BrentingbyFarm (Melton Mowbray, UK)

#farmvoices #earthday #teamdairy things we love about farming



@ChapFarms (Husser, Louisiana)

Welcome to the world little pigs!



@NewlandFarm (Exmoor, UK)

@farmon @TheFarmingForum #FarmVoices One reason to love farming #teambeefnsheep #2014UNIYFF #familyfarms #agproud



@FarmBoyProd (Guelph, Ontario)

Happy #EarthDay everyone! Calves from yesterday are doing well and are inside hiding from the rain #FarmVoices



@PVickerton (East Yorkshire, UK)


@farmon @TheFarmingForum #FarmVoices cos its kind of special being there when this happens….



@Dunvirkin (New Zealand) 

Maternity Ward in the Alpaca paddock.All are well and mum back to very friendly self. #farmvoices



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