The Benefits of Starting Small in Agriculture


Brenda Schoepp tells us about why it is important to start off small in agriculture.

Agriculture is big business in North America and sometimes new entrants feel intimidated. But it’s important to recognize that we don’t have entitlement to agriculture. If we remember this and take it in context, it helps us see clearly the opportunities in front of us.

Follow your dreams. If you dream of having a large corporate farm. Shoot for that goal. If you’re dream is to have a small holding that supports your family and provides for retirement income, you have that opportunitiy in agriculture. But the important thing to remember with both of these options is that it all starts with one small step.

It seems that in agriculture, many of us have a perception that everything has to be bigger to be better. However, when we look at agriculture worldwide, even our smallest farms are considered big. So, even though you might aspire to have a large farm, remember two things:

1. Starting in agriculture requires taking small steps first.

2. Even if you have a small farm by North American standards, worldwide it is actually quite large.
Starting small in agriculture is really a big thing. 


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