Tips for Reducing Weaning Stress

It is once again the time of year when many producers begin to think about weaning their calves.   In this two part series shared with us by Beef Cattle Research Council we learn alternative methods for low stress weaning, along with how stress affects calves and our profits.


Part 1:  Reducing Weaning Stress

Minimizing calf stress at weaning is not only possible, but provides important animal welfare benefits and likely animal health benefits as well.It just takes an open mind towards different methods and an eye towards good management”

– Karin Schmid of Alberta Beef Producers

Part 2:  Improving Profits

In the previous article, we talked about methods to reduce weaning stress in calves. In this article, we’ll highlight the economic benefits of doing so.

“Making weaning a low stress event should always be the goal, whether the calves will stay at home for breeding or feeding, go through internet, satellite or auction mart sales, or head directly to a backgrounding or finishing feedlot. Minimizing stress makes for happy calves, spouses and neighbors, and likely has economic benefits as well, especially for those who sell ‘reputation’ cattle or retain ownership. High levels of stress or sickness can negatively impact the profits of producers who retain an ownership stake in their calves past weaning”

– Karin Schmid and Reynold Bergen of the BCRC

We wish everyone the best of luck with their fall weaning programs.  Now it is your turn to share:

What are some useful tips you have for beef producers at weaning time?

Do you have questions about best practices for weaning calves?

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