A Trip to Africa Inspired this Young Man to Leave the Suburbs and Become a Farmer

Mike Kozlowski had never been to a farm, and grew up like most people in North America, with no clue where his food came from. A trip to Africa changed that, and changed his life forever, leading him on a journey to learn about farming in Canada, and eventually, an entrepreneurial career in agriculture as the founder of Steel Pony Farm!


What did you learn from touring farms across Canada?

I’ve learned so much, it’s been really important but I’ve kind of realized the value of coming together around food, and building community around food.  Because I think that right now the food system is so dehumanized.  For the most part we don’t know any of our producers.  We don’t have any sense of where the food we’re eating comes from.  But it seems like once you can start to connect with those people, you bring this power back where you start to take some agency in what you’re putting in your body.



How did you make the decision to become a farmer?

I felt like I knew enough, and had the skills and I had some of the resources ready to set out on a venture like this, and so I just got in there and I decided to start this farm.  I gathered together a couple of friends to support me as employees and just went for it.  So it was a big leap of faith, but it’s going really well.



How do you think our food system needs to change?

For me I guess the big question is, how can we start to adjust the way that we’re thinking as individuals about agriculture, but also the way we’re thinking as a larger society about agriculture, so that we can produce these healthy tomatoes and lettuces and radishes to start to nourish society – to grow a society that again is healthy and compassionate and loving and cares about the Earth.