The Farm Virgin Ep.1 Western Where?

Introducing Ben Wilson, a graduate of Aerospace Engineering and a definite virgin to farming.

Watch Ben as he says goodbye to clean and corporate, and prepares for his adventures into the world of farming by taking off his tie and trying on some western apparel.

The Farm Virgin – Episode 1: Western Where?


The Farm Virgin Ep.2 Frozen Wonders

Thousands of human mothers every year make use of “assisted reproductive technology” to help them get pregnant, or to carry a child as a surrogate mother. But did you know that farmers use very similar practices to improve the genetics of their cattle herd through selective breeding, artificial insemination and embryo transfer? That’s no bull!

On Ben’s first farm visit you’ll learn about how purebred black Angus cattle are bred using some highly advanced yet surprisingly simple techniques. In this episode of The Farm Virgin we visit the Miller-Wilson Angus farm, located in central Alberta, where Lee Wilson is breeding some recipient Angus cows with fertilized frozen embryos.

The Farm Virgin – Episode 2: Frozen Wonders


The Farm Virgin Ep.3 Get Your Seed On!

Life as a grain farmer is no picnic. These days farmers have to be as innovative and efficient as they possibly can to ensure they make a profit in an industry that’s often at the mercy of not only uncertain weather but also volatile commodity prices. Bill Knightand his three sons are farming about 3,600 acres of land in central Alberta and it’s planting season. Watch Ben Wilson as he helps the Knights get their canola crops seeded using the latest ag technology with a zero-till seed drill and GPS auto-steer. This is where the rubber meets the dirt!

The Farm Virgin – Episode 3: Get Your Seed On!


The Farm Virgin Ep.4 Milk, it’s not just from the store!

MILK. Tastes great and makes for fluffier pancakes, but where does it come from?Cows you say? Well yes, but as Ben finds out in this episode of The Farm Virgin there’s a lot more to it than that. At Roneamar Farms they milk about 115 Holstein cows twice every single day. That’s a lot of work, and that’s a LOT of milk! Watch and see what dairy farming is all about.

The Farm Virgin Ep.6 The Cattle Whisperer

The 2009 World Angus Forum was a huge success with exhibitors from all across Canada and the USA showing the best of their herds.  As many as 1,500 spectators flocked to the Spruce Meadows show ring to watch the international judging panel select their champions.  But what is a cattle show really all about?  In this episode Ben finds out the hard way, by being put to work for 4 long days with Miller Wilson Angus.

The Farm Virgin – Episode 6: The Cattle Whisperer


The Farm Virgin Ep7. Breeding for the Barrels

Jocelyn Daines teaches Ben Wilson how to groom, saddle and ride a horse.  But these aren’t just any horses.  They’re rodeo horses.  Jocelyn is a competitive barrel racer and her family breeds high performance rodeo horses at their ranch near Innisfail, Alberta.

The Farm Virgin – Episode 7: Breeding for the Barrels


The Farm Virgin Ep.8 Spuds ‘R’ Us

Ben Wilson is a definite potato farming virgin.  Well, he was anyway, until Jordan took him around the farm and showed him how the vegetable is grown, harvested, sorted, graded and stockpiled.  In this episode Ben digs up a plant of spuds and learns about the methods of farming the seeds of Lays potato chips.

The Farm Virgin – Episode 8: Spuds R Us


The Farm Virgin Ep.9 City Meets Farm

Smack dab in the heart of Canada’s 3rd largest city lies a hidden gem of farmland.  The UBC Farm in Vancouver, British Columbia is a learning and research farm run by students.  The 24 hectare farm is the only working farmland within the city of Vancouver and acts as a living laboratory for students from a wide variety of faculties as well as community outreach through elementary school learning programs and the weekly farm market where volunteers and farm apprentices sell produce from the farm.  Today is harvest day and The Farm Virgin has come to visit the UBC Farm.  Watch Ben working in the fields alongside volunteers and farm staff while he learns about this incredible farm.  Also, read more about the UBC Farm.

The Farm Virgin – Episode 9: City Meets Farm


The Farm Virgin Ep.10 River’s Bend Winery

River’s Bend Winery – This episode of The Farm Virgin is all about the people behind the making of award winning wines at River’s Bend Winery near Vancouver, BC.  The vineyard owner Court Feassler shows Ben everything from picking grapes to pouring the wine.  And as his son Gary Faessler says, “Wine making is farming, first and foremost”.

The Farm Virgin – Episode 10: River’s Bend Winery


The Farm Virgin Ep.11 Curds and Whey

Goat’s Pride Dairy is a certified organic farm near Abbotsford, BC where Jason turns organic goat’s milk into all kinds of popular dairy products like yogurt, feta and blue cheese. In this episode Ben learns from the cheese man himself what goes into the curds and whey.

The Farm Virgin – Episode 11: Curds and Whey