How to Print a Satellite Photo of Your Farm from Google Earth

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If you’re like most farmers, you love seeing your farmland from the air.  Maybe you have a friend who’s a pilot and you’ve taken some aerial photos yourself, or maybe you’ve purchased an aerial photo at some point along the way.   Fertilizer Dealers or the Department of Ag are good places to ask as well.  But when it comes to getting a satellite image of your land, quickly and easily, there’s no better place to turn to than Google Earth.  It also doesn’t hurt that it’s free.  This video will walk you through the steps of printing a satellite view of your land, right at home.


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Social Networking on the Farm- You’re Probably Already Doing It!

If you’re going to use social networking in your farm business you need to go into it with both feet. Don’t just use it for one source, use it for everything.

You use technology all the time in agriculture, and it seems normal to you. So, why not social networking?

Watch Kent Plosz talks about how social media is a great tool for your business.

This workshop was funded in part by the Agriculture & Food Council of Alberta