Life Gave This Family Small Pumpkins, But Look What They Made!

Shayne and Vicky Horn are friends of ours, and they have a pretty incredible story.  Their farm, Tangle Ridge Ranch, is a small mixed farm located near Thorsby, Alberta.  They raise pastured lamb and beef and sell directly to consumers and restaurants in Edmonton, Calgary and other communities in Alberta.

We went to visit Tangle Ridge Ranch recently, and after Shayne gave us a tour of the yard and pasture – along with his trusty (and giant) guardian dog, Mojito – we went inside to catch up with Vicky, who had just finished getting lunch ready for the kids.  We sat down to interview Vicky and Shayne in their gorgeous home and I quickly realized this was an interview that I wouldn’t soon forget.  It’s not every day that you hear what it’s like for a young couple to start a farm from scratch, when neither of them even grew up on a farm!  They shared their biggest struggles and frustrations, as well as some valuable insights for other people who might just be starting out in agriculture or thinking of pursuing their dreams of having a farm.  And at 3:15 into the video, Vicky shares a story that will melt you, of what their 5 year old daughter Shelby decided to do with her failed crop of tiny pumpkins.

And Shayne’s biggest piece of advice to other young farmers?

“I think the biggest thing is to talk to people.  Find people that are doing something similar to what you want to do, because I gaurantee you 100% that they’ve been at that same place before.  And so whether it be an older couple that’s doing it or a younger couple that’s been doing it for a while, you know, I would find someone to talk to.  That’s what we did.”