Why Write a Blog?

Kevin Kossowan, Edmonton food blogger, talks about why you should take the time to write a blog about your farm or business?  There are a lot more reasons than you might think.

The point of blogging for Kevin, is branding. He says that the more you write about the topic that you know, such as farming, the more you are seen by the wider public as an expert in that area. This creates visibility and when you’re in the business of farming, visibility to the public is key.

Blogging gives you the ability to speak to consumers in your own words. For farmers this is very important and can help educate consumers about what life is really like on the farm and where their food comes from.


What Should I Blog About?

Naming a post or deciding what to blog about is the biggest challenge of blogging. Kevin Kossowan suggests that you must write about something that people care about. If you write about something that no one is searching for, then there will be no audience to find your blog. However, if you write about something that people are actively looking for on the internet, you immediately have potential readers for you blog.

So. as a farmer. ask yourself these questions – what about your farming business do people care about? What would people want to know about farming? Once you’ve answered those questions, and you’re passionate about the topic, you have found an excellent idea to blog about.

In this video Kevin discusses these issues and gives you tips on how to stay focussed on the topic your blogging about.



Setting up a Basic Blog

Kevin Kossowan talks about how getting started blogging is a lot easier than you think, and it’s also free! Here’s the low down on how to get set up with a basic blog.

To get started, Kevin suggests a couple webhosting sites for your blog:

1. Blogger: basic, and easy to use.

2. WordPress: more customizable

Watch the video to hear what he has to say about these tools and what you might want to title you blog.



Designing Your Blog

Whether you’re looking to customize a WordPress blog with a killer template, or just tweak some settings, there’s a lot you can do to make sure your blog’s design matches your message! Kevin Kossowan walks you through the steps on how to design the blog you want.



Blogging to Become an Expert

Kevin Kossowan has mastered the art of finding “holes in knowledge online” and becoming the expert on those niche topics, leading to some great business opportunities!



Using Your Blog for Market Research

A blog not only can be a voice for your brand but it can always be a way to find out what your cusomters are saying and what they want. Watch Kevin Kossowan, Edmontonian food blogger, explain how to use your blog to extract valuable information from your cusomters and find out what they really want.