Connecting with Millennials about Food and Farming

Food videos are hot on YouTube right now. Research from Google, Millward Brown Digital and Firefly indicate that millennials are tuning into videos about food, creating a whopping 280% growth in food channel subscriptions over the past year.


How Farmers can Engage the YouTube Foodie Audience

Farmers can and should use the interest in YouTube food videos to their advantage. With consumers turning to online sources to find out about food, it is essential for farmers to ensure they are posting content and educating people about farming in the online realm. Sure, it is great to be able to talk to people face to face about the food you grow but the reality is that people are spending a significant portion of their time online, so it is important that you are interacting with them in the digital space where they hang out. Knowing that millennials are spending such a huge amount of time on YouTube learning about food, it makes sense for farmers to make YouTube videos about food and farming. Maybe you could make a video about the process it takes to get beef from the farm to a burger. Or, you could just create a video talking about why you love being a farmer and growing food for people.

Here’s a great example of a farmer providing smart consumer education about agriculture on YouTube. Watch Matt Muller‘s farm video below:



Link photo courtesy of Peggy2012CREATIVELENZ