Pumpkin Farms are Great for Agritourism

Thanks to the celebration of Halloween pumpkins have changed from being just another vegetable to a specialty crop used for much more than just a food source.  Once used as a food source for Native Americans and early American Settlers, the pumpkin has become a celebrity in the vegetable world.


Today’s pumpkins are carved into spooky faces, decorating our homes and providing alternative sources of revenue for farmers.

New pumpkin farms are cropping up all over the place as a means for farmers to diversify their farms and create new sources of revenue.  These farms are becoming part of the agri-tourism movement as farmers turn corn fields into mazes and pumpkin patches into “u-pick” adventures complete with wagon rides, haunted houses and craft events among other things.

These type of agri-tourism enterprises may be something for smaller farms or beginning farmers to consider if they are operating on limited funds or a small land base.

While you may not be harvesting your own pumpkins this fall, we wanted to share with you this short video of some harvest time family fun, as well as a few of our favorite DIY pumpkin projects.   From yummy eats to dog treats, The Great Pumpkin can do it all!

#1 – Pumpkin Latte

Something to warm you up on those cool fall days !



#2 – Fabric Modge Podge Dollar Store Pumpkins

An easy craft project to do once the days get shorter and you have evenings to spare!



 #3 – Pumpkin Pull-apart Bread with Vanilla Glaze

This is a sure fire hit to share with family and friends!



#4 – Pumpkin Dog Biscuits

Don’t forget about our 4 legged friends this fall!

Photo courtesy of www.simmertildone.com




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