How Young Farmers Can Master Success in Their 30’s

You’re 30 and you’re the worker bee at your farm. You’re tired, you have a family, you need to run your farm business and you want to have some fun.

So, as a 30 year old farmer, what are some things you need to think about to make it all work?

1. Accountability – talk to your family about what accountability means to you.

2. Conflict resolution – those that master success in their 30s are ones that understand conflict resolution.

3. Passion and commitment

4. Are you paying attention to results?

5. Trust

You’ve made it through your 20’s on the family farm.  Now what?  Well, your 30’s could be the most exciting time of your life, building on what you’ve already learned, and truly becoming a master at what you love.

Elaine Froese discusses how to ensure successful farming in your thirties on the family farm.


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