How to Set up Portable Electric Fence

Portable fencing is a fantastic way to quickly set up a grazing system with minimal cost and labour.  It’s easy to do, and easy to make changes as you go.  This workshop video demonstrates the basic steps to set up a paddock with portable electric fence, using a reel of polywire connected at one end to an energized high tensile perimeter fence, and hooking the reel onto another part of the perimeter fence.

There are several options you can use for temporary posts.  The advantages of tread-in posts are that they’re light to carry, they don’t require a post pounder, and looping the wire through the pigtail is fast and easy.  The advantages of using re-bar posts is they’re strong, low cost, and the height of each screw-on rod insulator can be adjusted.






If you haven’t already energized your perimeter fence and need to add an energizer to your fence, check out this video.

One of the most common problems with electric fencing is low voltage.  There are several common causes for this, from inadequate grounding to trees branches falling on your wire, but one really easy mistake to make (and easy to fix) is having an energizer that’s just too small.  Take Albert’s advice and don’t be cheap when it comes to buying an energizer!


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