How to Keep your Farm Business Organized

About the Project

I am sure that at this point if you are like the majority of normal people on this earth, you will be sitting staring at the pile of documents in a shoebox patting yourself on the back for at least making the effort to shove them into a box.

The good news is that for not much more effort you can have all your financial documents organized and ready to be used at a moments notice.  Its simple, easy and the majority of your time will be spent in the initial set up.

If something should ever happen to the person in your business that takes care or the day to day aspects of your businesses or personal finances this will help other come in and understand where everything is sitting.  So valuable!

Materials and Tools

  • File folder box
  • 13 folders
  • Tax returns for the last 7 years
  • Your individual retirement savings and investment accounts
  • Your children’s education/investment savings plan statements
  • Your will and living will.  (If you need to make one talk to your lawyer, or if it’s quite simple, go to Legal Wills)
  • Your home and auto insurance
  • Your life, disability and critical illness insurance
  • Your group benefits plan
  • Your company retirement plan
  • Your credit card debts
  • Your loans for car, student loan, line of credit, other loans
  • Your mortgage
  • Your bank statements
  • Your lawyer, accountant and financial advisor information


General Instructions

Once you have collected all the above personal information, simply file it into individual folders.  Then take a snap shot of all the information for you to update every 12 months after that, using the downloadable chart provided.  Keep a record of this on your computer and also in one of your files in your box.

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