He Knew at Age 3, but still can’t Find the Words. One Young Farmer’s Story of Love and Loss.

age 3

FarmOn has teamed up with Alberta Farm Animal Care to create The Heart Of A Farmer video series – taking a deeper look at the humans behind the farm gate, their lives, their love for animals and their passion for agriculture.  This is the story of James Jenkins, a young farmer in southern Alberta who has had a very special connection with cattle since he learned to walk.  One time, at the age of 3 years old, he wandered off into his uncle’s pasture to hunt for mushrooms and follow the cows, and none of the adults had any idea where he had gone.

age 3 2

At 1:58 into this video, James describes something he had to do that is so hard for many consumers to understand, but it’s something that so many of us as farmers have experienced.  It’s part of what shapes us, and it’s part of the story of food and farming.  And we think that makes it pretty important.  Here is James’ story:

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