From One Farmer to Another


From one farmer to another…..

As a farmer or rancher, wouldn’t you agree that some of the best conversations about the agriculture industry happen while leaning on a fence, or sitting at the neighbour’s kitchen table?   There is so much to learn from each other just by asking “how did you do that?”, or “what worked for you?”

One thing I love about today’s technology is the ability it gives us to take these everyday conversations to a whole new level.   Chats once held at the kitchen table can now be expanded to connect us with farmers and ranchers from all over the world!

As a facilitator at, I help make these connections, initiating important conversations which offer knowledge, support, and companionship to people involved in agriculture.

Every day I meet people with a great love of farming.  Young or old, beginning or retiring; I am always amazed at how passionate we are about what we do, and WHY we do it.   I think you would find these people to be very much just like you, no matter where they live or what part of agriculture they are involved in.

While I am always available for one on one support, I am very excited to tell you about one of the ways FarmOn will be connecting farmers from across the globe; bringing those kitchen table conversations to YOU no matter where you are or what your interest is in agriculture.

Every MONDAY, all day long, connect with FarmOn on Facebook or Twitteras we answer questions and concerns brought to us from REAL FARMERS.    We invite you to help a fellow farmer by sharing your knowledge, experience or perspectives with us during these important conversations we are hosting.

Each one of us has an area of our business that we question, or would like feedback on. Our goal with these conversations is to offer support to farmers so that you may all find success and happiness in your business.

It is time to bring farming back, and you can help us do that; FARMER TO FARMER, one person at a time.

We hope you will join us on Monday – until then, Happy Farming!

Jen JenkinsRancher & FarmOn Facilitator


Contact Jen at anytime for support or even just to chat farming! You can reach her through our website at: FarmOn or via email at

Have a “hot topic” you want to see covered?  Looking for resources or support with your business?  Maybe you have an idea to share with fellow farmers, possibly something you always wanted to tell consumers?  Send us your topics at (and you don’t have to be shy because we promise to keep your name top secret as always!)

To hear more of Jen’s story go toJen Jenkins Story

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