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Last year when we sat down and came up with the concept of a movement to inspire young farmers to action, in the living room of a team member, situated in our tiny hometown with a population of 850, some would have called us crazy. I mean, you’d kind of have to be to think that your team of 5 people could make a noticeable impact within an industry as large as agriculture. But maybe…just maybe…it takes a little bit of crazy to shake things up!

While #FARMVOICES was FarmOn’s brainchild, it could never have evolved to what it’s become without farmers from around the globe stepping up and taking real ownership of the movement. At the end of Earth Day 2013, more than 2,000 farmers representing 23 countries came together to tell their stories. The results were huge. Never before had farmers come together en mass to tell the real story of farming. But on that day, things changed.

Today, we are so excited to announce that two partners have come on board in a big way, to spread the #FARMVOICES movement throughout their respective countries. The Future Farmers Network (FFN) out of Australia, and The Farming Forum (TFF) out of the United Kingdom, have been working and planning campaigns to motivate their farmers to take action this Earth Day, April 22, and participate in #FARMVOICES. Welcome to the team, FFN and TFF, we’re so happy to have you!

So today, here’s to everyone in the industry crazy enough to believe that they can make a difference. The ones who continue to challenge the status quo. The relentless mavericks refusing to conform. Those who don’t only see opportunity, but make it. The trailblazers forging change and moving our industry forward. Never quit. We need you.

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