FarmOn Books You Must Read in 2012

While our staff is at odds with each other on the way they like to read a good book, it doesn’t change the fact that these books are our absolute favourites! Whether you like to power up your e-reader, download the audio version onto your ipod or do it the old fashion way and flip the pages, these books are sure to be a good read!


“Love at Work” by Brady G. Wilson


Most of us keep our “feelings” to ourselves, and we keep our private life separate from our work life.  In family business and with just about any farm operation, this is almost impossible. Love is a powerful force that can transform how we work with others, bring the best out of ourselves and create amazing results. This book is an insightful and practical guide to bringing that force into your work and all areas of your life.  For me, it changed the way I see my job, my team mates, and myself, for good.

“Oxford Guide to Plain English” by Martin Cutts

Learn how to cut the fluff from your writing. Effective communication requires writing that is direct and to the point, and this book will teach you the steps to acquiring these skills. Learning to write in “Plain English” could mean the difference between gaining a business opportunity or losing out on one. So if you think your writing skills could be improved to communicate more clearly, look no further than this book. I used the book to help me write more effectively at law school and was pleased with the results.

“Encyclopedia of Country Living:  An Old Fashioned Reciepe Book” by Carla Emery


My first copy of this book was her self-published editiion which I received when I was about 12 years old.   I poured over the pages in it to the point where I actually wore them out (all 800 + of them !).   Although I am now using my second copy of the book,  that first edition still warms my heart as it is full of old black and white family farm photos which
always made me long to be a true “homesteader”. From Clara I learned so many things, how to garden, raise chickens, make soap and bake bread. I couldn’t live without this book !  Along with being my “go to” book for all kinds of resources is a wonderful read  as
you hear all the tales from Clara and her readers.

“It’s Your Business: 183 Essential Tips that Will Transform Your Small Business” by JJ Ramberg


This book is both practical and to the point.  It will pay for itself in no time.  I love how it gets right to the point!  Great business resource.
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