DIY Wood Pallet Shelf

Learn how to make a DIY wood pallet shelf. It’s super easy, just follow the steps below.


1 wood pallet Chainsaw or Skill Saw
Drill Screws
Paint or Wood Stain Sand Paper
Paint Brush or Rag Hammer
Scrap piece of wood (optional) Stencils, Acrylic Paint & Varnish (optional


Lay your pallet on a flat surface
Cut the inner 2×4’s across the top of the second 1×6 from the bottom


Now that you have the outline of the shelf we need to put a base on it. You can either use a piece of 1×6 pulled off the MIDDLE of the pallet (that way you still leave wood for a shelf from the opposite end of the pallet) or you can use any scrap of lumber that cover the gap at the bottom.

Stand the shelf so that the bottom of it is facing UP and lay the board you are using for the bottom on top of that. Hold securely and attach the bottom board with about 3 screws on each end, and 3 into the middle 2×4. Remember to make sure your board is flush with the wood on the side of the shelf that goes against the wall or it won’t hang right.

If your board is longer than the shelf now is the time to cut it off. If the board you used for the bottom is wider than the shelf you can either leave it as is or trim it off with your saw.


Now, just like that we have our shelf. Round up a scrap of sand paper and give the rough edges a bit of a sanding. I am going for “rustic” (or lazy) here so I just cleaned up anything that would leave slivers!


Using either left over wood stain or paint give your shelf some color using a paint brush or a rag depending on the product. Let it dry.


After the paint/stain is dry if you want to spice it up a bit you can add just about anything you like to the front of the shelf. For my own shelf I chose to do a quote with a simple graphic done in acrylic paint.

To finish it off, I recommend giving it a coat of a varnish or clear acrylic sealer which is available at most craft or hardware stores. This way the paint doesn’t bleed and you can wipe the shelf down as needed.

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