DIY: Fy Spray for Horses

“It seems like everyone knows at least one homemade horse fly spray recipe that uses natural ingredients (by “natural” we mean a recipe that doesn’t contain man-made insecticides). Here at we decided to take two homemade horse fly spray recipes, and one semi-homemade recipe, and put them to the test. We wanted to know if the homemade fly sprays with natural ingredients would actually keep flies from biting our horse, and if so, for how long. We chose the recipes we tested based on simplicity, ease of finding the ingredients, and a lack of ingredients that might be irritating to the horse.” – The Cowboy Way

Visit The Cowboyway to read more about their tests and find recipes to use in making your own natural fly spray.

Do you have a good recipe or method for controlling flies or mosquito’s? Please share it with us, we would love to hear your ideas!

Link Photo courtesy of Flam


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