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Farm Hack from farmrun on Vimeo.

DIY Farm Tools: What is FarmHack?

FarmHack is a resource for farmers who embrace the long-standing farm traditions of tinkering, inventing, fabricating, tweaking, and fixing things that they broke. Open to farmers of all ages, it has special relevance for young and beginning farmers, who may want to learn from their peers’ and their elders’ successes, mistakes and new ideas.

You will be amazed at the things you can learn to build and do via the Farm Hack community. From automatic chicken door openers, to DIY farm harvesting equipment the possibilities for building your own farm equipment are endless!

Through the new online Took Wiki you can connect with other farmers and learn from their projects, submit a project of your own that might be of benefit to others, or present an idea you are wanting feedback on.

And that’s not all, FarmHack has also gives you the tools to host your own in person events:

“We want to work with you to host a FarmHack event at your university, non-profit, or farm. Most of our previous events have been organized with volunteer labor and minimal costs, but have had valuable outcomes.

We have an event organizing tool in the Tools wiki, intended to help guide you in thinking up and planning a Farm Hack event in your area.

And if you want to help facilitate an event at your venue or with your posse, put your ideas out there in the “New Event Ideas” Forum at the Farm Hack Forums, so that other users can help brainstorm and jump on your organizing team.” – Farm Hack website.

Do you have some of your own farm hacks to share with our community? We would love to see innovative projects from our fellow farmers!

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