DIY: Cold Frames = Warm Plants

Does your growing season seem too short?

Cold frames can be a great way to extend the growing season by allowing you a place to start plants earlier in the spring, or keep them growing longer in the fall. Along with that they may allow you to grow plants and vegetables that normally would not grow in your climate.


What is a cold frame?

Think of it as a mini-greenhouse. Like a greenhouse they are built to capture the suns energy and create a warm, humid environment for plants to grow. What separates them from greenhouses is that they are usually much smaller, sometimes portable, and they don’t have an external heat source (outside of the sun).

Your cold frame can be simple to make; as easy as using a few straw bales and some re-cycled windows, or it can be an elaborate, even decorative element in your yard.

We have included some DIY guides on building cold frames to suit all different needs and tastes.

Please share any other tips or ideas you have for building or using cold frames in your garden, we would love to have your share your experience with us.

Happy gardening!

Hot Beds/Cold Frames (building guide and detailed information)

Simple Hay or Straw Bale Construction

Simple Cold Frame with Detailed Plans

Hoop House
Link photo courtesy of Terrie Schweitzer



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