Etsy Opens New Doors for Rural Shopping



For generations people have been gathering together to sell their wares and long loved the local craft fair.   As times have changed so has the availability of online market places where we now buy, sell and share our goods over the internet. Etsy is just one of the many platforms which offer an online marketplace.

What is Etsy?

Much like a virtual craft fair, Etsy breaks the limitations of our geographic area and allows us to buy and sell merchandise all over the world. It can allow for farmers and ranchers to expand our local sales and reach the global marketplace without leaving the farm!

What type of merchandise will you find on Etsy?

Etsy has a focus on the small business owner and shopping on the site is not like heading to the local Walmart. On Etsy vendors offer a variety of handmade, vintage or other craft supplies for you to browse through. The ideas are endless, from being able to select only “local” vendors from your area, to purchasing custom graphics and designs for your business.

Sandhills Boot Company

Here is just one story from a ranch hand who created an Etsy store where he sells his custom made cowboy boots and leather products. All from his little home town – howcool is that!

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