Business Management Tools for Purebred Cattle Producers

Are you are purebred cattle producer looking for business management tools to better understand the profitability and risk in your operation?

Through support from the PBRA project that was primarily funded through the Private Sector Risk Management Partnerships (PSRMP) a Business Risk Management program of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Canadian Beef Breeds Council (CBBC) has developed a number of resources and tools for purebred producers which go above and beyond the current management systems you are likely using now.

Available free of charge some of the tools include:

CBBC Purebred Producer Cost of Production (COP), Product Pricing and Benchmarking Workbook

“One key to long-term profitability in the cattle business is to analyze and manage production costs. There is no greater risk to business success than a lack of profitability; banks demand profitability, and families need it.

This unique COP workbook is tailored specifically to purebred beef cattle producers. It is an interactive tool providing both key cost-analysis and benchmarking functions. It can help you manage your production costs, make the most of available resources. The information tracked and evaluated through this tool allows you to make informed decisions, evaluate the return on investment and profitability of each aspect of your purebred cattle programs, and plan for the future. The tool has the option for producers to anonymously provide relevant data to CBBC to help update national benchmarks.” ~from the CBBC website

Purebred Sales Reporting Workbook

“This Purebred Sales Reporting Workbook provides a tracking tool to capture annual purebred sales. This provides a handy sales reference tool for producers and the information it captures is critical to help establish sector benchmarks.” ~ from the CBBC website

Other resources include: Bull Valuation Calculator and a number of capital, lending and risk management tools.

You can find all of the above mentioned resources, and free downloads on theCBBC website
As always, if you are looking for assistance with the CBBC tools, or are interested in other related resources, be sure and give me a shout at or click on the orange tab on the right of the screen where it says “Farm Support”

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