Best Of The Web: Moustache Farming

Movember! Okay ladies, if you are anything like me you were totally creeped out by the thought of your significant other participating in this cause. I have to say, I begged my husband to lose his, as I felt he looked like he should be lurking in a back alley.

However, after watching this video I have to admit my heart  grew a little fonder of the old duster.  This is truly not only a great story about a great cause, but it also highlights some really great points that can help you with your business or organization.  Find out how four men started the beloved Movember movement and made one small idea turn into a big deal that changed the lives of many.

I know many of my cattle friends have been growing mustache crop this last month, I would love you all to share yours with us.  Share on our Facebook Page or on Twitter by using the tag #moustachefarming #farmon

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