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Matthew Gould’s Farm Story

When Matthew Gould was young he always knew he wanted to be a farmer. In fact, he made this known to his family from an early age saying that when he was older he would be farming with his Dad. He comes from afarm family, through and through, and all of his siblings have been involved with […]

How to Set up a Gravity Feed Watering System

About Project I think every grazer would agree that the ideal watering system is the one that requires the least amount of maintenance, and has the least number of things that can fail.  We came across this innovative setup at Chistoph Weder’s Spirit River Ranch near Rycroft, Alberta.  Christoph and Erika took advantage of a centrally located […]

Are We Obsessed with Change?

Life is full of change, and perhaps more so on a family farm than just about anywhere else. We are constantly faced with changing weather, changing markets (just look at what’s happened with cattle prices and oil prices the last few years!), not to even mention the changes we’re faced with as our kids get […]

Am I on the Right Path?

Our presenter Tim Wray discusses how you can know if you are on the right path. Though Tim always had a lifelong dream of becoming a farmer he learned to reconcile this desire with the path he ended up taking (and loving) – becoming a pastor in small town Alberta. Tim talks about this journey and how the […]

Get the Conversation Going

Tim Wray encourages everyone to engage in meaningful conversations and learn how to get the conversation going. Conversation allows us to gain a sense of who we are, what we value, as well as how others view us and this clarity can lead to amazing potential between people.   Get the Conversation Going  

What Matters in Small Towns

In a culture that is transient the connections between people can weaken a lot. In a simple project, Tim Wray shows us what matters in small towns –  sharing hopes, dreams and fears within the community helped Tim and other participants discover their shared values and helped rebuild the connections betweenthem. The Young Adult Photovoice Project, led by Tim […]

What it Means to be Human

In all relationships, it is important to have trust. Without trust, humanity cannot flourish, and creativity and productivity fails as well. To be human, is to allow those closest to us to be able to hurt us the most. Tim Wrayshares his thoughts on what is means to be human. What it Means to be Human […]