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Pickle vegetables for winter inexpensively with dry salt

Dry salting is a practical and inexpensive way to preserve vegetables. It is essentially a method of pickling that was popular in the early twentieth century. At that time, it was promoted as an alternative to canning, in order to conserve glass, tin, and fuel in time of war. If you are already familiar with […]

Keep Your Chicks Happy This Winter

If you live in a colder climate and are busy getting ready for the arrival of winter, don’t forget to make sure your chicks are well prepared for the cold months ahead. When the days are shorter your chickens may require different lighting, heat sources or nutrition to keep them producing well.   Of course no one […]

Homemade Gifts in a Jar

If you are thinking about making a few homemade Christmas gifts for friends and neighbors don’t wait until December to get started!  We have collected our Top 5 “gifts in a jar” from around the web which will help you make easy, inexpensive but unique homemade Christmas gifts. Christmas in a Jar Complete with printable […]

How to Market Farm Products to Restaurants

Written by Debbie Roos, Agricultural Extension Agent. courtesy of North Carolina Cooperative Extension Photo courtesy of Daniel Carlbom Crop and Variety Selection 1. Don’t try and offer something that the buyer already gets locally, unless you are offering it at a time when local supply is low (see below). Carve out a niche for yourself […]

Increase Profitability by Adding Value to Farm Products

Published with permission from guest author Brenda Reau, Michigan State University Extension, MSU Product Center The term “value-added agriculture” gets tossed around a lot, but what does it really mean? Many farmers want to increase profitability and adding value to raw agricultural products in one way to accomplish that goal. To achieve this however, farmers […]

Two For All

    Just 2%. The percentage of our North American population that works every day to provide the rest with one of our most basic needs to sustain life – food. Our global food system is the single most powerful force unleashed on the planet today, yet a rapidly swelling population means we have to […]

An Open Letter to Activists

Dear Activists; Your message is clear. You don’t like livestock production, and you don’t much like the farmer/producer either. You think we don’t care, we hide the truth and have no interest in caring for the earth with sustainable practices. You use words that are much more direct and even vulgar but essentially, you are […]

Farmer vs. Farmer: The War We Never Saw Coming

The Farmer Wars are here and we’ve gotta say, they ain’t pretty! As more companies continue to use the great food debate as a marketing gimmick, often with controversy being their main goal, the agriculture industry has rounded up the troops and launched a counter attack at…each other. Wait…what??? Let’s be honest, unless you’ve been living […]