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In A Minute: The Entrepreneurial Hack DIY

We know how busy you all are and how you sometimes just don’t have a lot of time to take in the business information you need. Well have we got a solution for you, we introduce “In A Minute” the business advice section that will take you no longer than a minute to read! In […]

Preparing for an Accountant in your Farm Business

Questions Accountants Will Ask You In Their Office: Already In Business 1)  Client’s track record with business 2)  Past tax returns 3)  Past financial statements   Never In Business 1)  Find out the need to register for GST 2)  Incorporate or not 3)  Selecting year end   Generally the first meeting with an accountant will be to educate the client and […]

Hiring an Accountant for your Farm

How Accountants in Agriculture Charge Hourly – Usually charge between $90/hr-$150/hr, depending on the complexity of the job.  The vast majority of accountants actually work on an hourly basis. Value Driven – When the job will be time intensive and the accountant may get a contingency (cased on sales or revenues)-this is rare.  Also, if […]

How to get Started in Agritourism

If you want to make some extra money on the farm have you ever considered agritourism? Agritourism is “any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch” and includes a variety of different activities – from farm stays to horse riding adventures. Though agritourism stats are hard to come by, a […]

Tips for Reducing Weaning Stress

It is once again the time of year when many producers begin to think about weaning their calves.   In this two part series shared with us by Beef Cattle Research Council we learn alternative methods for low stress weaning, along with how stress affects calves and our profits. Part 1:  Reducing Weaning Stress “Minimizing calf […]

Pumpkin Farms are Great for Agritourism

Thanks to the celebration of Halloween pumpkins have changed from being just another vegetable to a specialty crop used for much more than just a food source.  Once used as a food source for Native Americans and early American Settlers, the pumpkin has become a celebrity in the vegetable world. Today’s pumpkins are carved into […]

How to Keep your Farm Business Organized

About the Project I am sure that at this point if you are like the majority of normal people on this earth, you will be sitting staring at the pile of documents in a shoebox patting yourself on the back for at least making the effort to shove them into a box. The good news […]