Are We Obsessed with Change?

Life is full of change, and perhaps more so on a family farm than just about anywhere else. We are constantly faced with changing weather, changing markets (just look at what’s happened with cattle prices and oil prices the last few years!), not to even mention the changes we’re faced with as our kids get older, family dynamics change or someone’s health is suddenly a concern.

If you don’t think that human beings are obsessed with change, then just do a quick Google search on “change”, “change management”, or “change quotes” . . . and that should keep you busy for the rest of the weekend :).

We started thinking about how important change is in a family farm operation, and thought we’d share with you a few tidbits of wisdom from some experts and friends of ours. While we don’t have a choice in whether things change or not, we do have a choice in how we respond.  It is that choice that determines everything.


The Four Stages Of Change

by Elaine Froese

Elaine Froese has taken the Hudson Institute’s cycle of renewal model and applied it to the lives of farm families.  Take a look at where you’re at in these 4 Stages of Change, in both your personal and business life.
Life After Drastic Change

by Gregory Schroeder


Change Management Is Dead – A Blog Series by Unstoppable Conversations

Our friends Kevin Gangel and Vik Maraj at Unstoppable Conversations have been doing a great blog series, diving into the top 10 reasons that Change Management is Dead! Here is the first post in the 10 week series, and you can find the rest of the series from there.



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