An 11 Year Old Farmer Shows Why Farmers are the Most Passionate Professionals in the World

11 year old

The passionate people in agriculture is one of the things that makes being a farmer so great. Farming’s hard work and it takes guts, ambition and yes, a huge amount of passion to bring food to the tables of people all around the world.

Today I’m happy to share an amazing story about a farmer who’s just crushing it. Britton Pointer, is an 11 year old Texan cotton farmer. That’s right, 11 years old, and for the past 2 years he’s been farming 22 acres of cotton.

His love for the crop began when he was still in diapers, riding in the tractor with his grandpa. By the age of 8, Britton was driving tractors himself, and then at 10 he planted and stripped his first cotton crop, all by himself. Talk about passion.

His dream is to become an agronomist and farmer. He gets up early in the morning, before school starts, and goes out to the field to check on things. When he gets home from school, he goes back to the fields for the rest of the day. His passion for farming is amazing.

He says that he wants to feed the world. Looks like he’s well on his way!

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