All of the Mason Jar Crafts in the Universe

Ok, I admit it. I have a bit of an addiction to mason jars. You will find my poor garden shed overflowing with them. Once saved for a little fall canning, they have not just filled the shed but now the “rare” ones make their home on my kitchen shelf. In retirement these special jars don’t have their old job of storing food, instead they act as an old matriarch sitting upon the shelf overseeing the daily cooking.

I wonder, what is it about Mason Jars that we love so much? For me it is the reminder of a simpler way of life, and living off the land. I am a bit sentimental about them, and they often bring back memories of hours spent in the garden, and then over the stove with good friends and family. Some of the best times I ever shared with other women have been centered around food, the kitchen stove and of course; mason jars.

I think that must be it. It is not the “jar” that we love, but what they symbolize that draws us to them.

Contributing to my Mason jar obsession is the growing number of Mason jar crafts and projects you can find online on sites such as Pinterest. Now I can spend hours “pinning” all those lovely DIY projects for which I will use as inspiration to create amazing Mason jar crafts (because heaven knows I have enough jars to last me a lifetime!).

While “pinning” away I had what a mason jar hoarder might call a “miracle”. I found it; the mother ship, the grand daddy, all time best EVER list of Mason Jar Crafts.

That’s right, here it is. All of the Mason Jar Crafts in the Universe!

Wanting to believe, I cannot be the only farm or ranch women out there with a shed full of mason jars saved for “someday” when we have time for them; I just had to share the list with you, my friends here at FarmOn.
First on my list and just in time for summer is this awesome tutorial on how to create a Mason Jar Herb Garden


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How about you? Do you have a favourite mason jar memory, project or recipe to share? Leave us a link or comment in the field below. We would love to hear from you.

P.S. Thanks to Angie, the Mason Jar goddess over at Country Chic Cottage for putting the list together.



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