5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues


Winter can be a challenging time for many of us. The days are shorter, often colder and in many areas there are not many things growing.

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Here are 5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues:

 1.  Start an indoor herb garden.

Nothing growing outside, feel the urge to get your hands dirty and see some new growth?   Why not start your own little garden indoors! Over at the they have some great ideas on how you can start your own herb garden and get growing even in the winter!

 2.  Get moving

And we don’t mean to a warm beach somewhere (well … you could).  Sitting indoors on these long winter nights can get downright depressing. Bundle up and take the dogs for a walk,  go for a horseback ride or get out the skis and snow mobiles. Nothing cures the blues like good old fashioned exercise

 3.  Start a new hobby (or pick up an old one!)

Winter blues are often caused by plain old boredom. Maybe it’s time to try that hobby you never had time for. Not sure what you want to try? Look in the local paper and see what classes or clubs are happening. It might mean a trip to town, but it could lead to some great new friendships and interests!

 4.  Get connected

It is easy to hibernate during the winter months.  Loneliness can be a real factor in how much we enjoy our days.  Call a friend, go for a visit, or get online and connect with others. You might just be helping THEM beat the winter blues too!

 5.  Plan for the Spring

Everyone needs something to look forward to, and at some point spring WILL come for us to enjoy.  Order yourself some spring catalogues, or look online for new varieties of garden seeds.  Plan your garden or yard.  Think about ordering some spring chick’s!


Stay positive and stay warm!  Spring will be here before we know it.   Until then let us know if you have any other good tricks for beating those winter blues.

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