3 Online Tools for Planning Your Garden

Great Tools to help Plan Your Garden

Summer is just around the corner it is time to get in gear for the growing season. These online garden planning tools will help you make the most of your gardening spaces!

1. Garden Planner Online

  • Customize the size, shape, and layout of your garden
  • Add all kinds of features to your space such as patios and fences
  • Let’s you print a list of the plant you chose for shopping convenience


2. GrowVeg.com

  • Tailored to meet the needs of people looking to have a farm-table type garden
  • Grid style display blocks off your garden in inches and feet


3. Garden Puzzle

  • Different from the others on our list it allows for a head on view (rather than aerial) with custom background you can pick to match your space
  • Geared more toward flowers and shrubs than vegtables





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