5 DIY Barn Organization Projects We Love!

Well, we’re already in week two of a new year and many of us are working away on resolutions.  If better organization is something you’re aspiring to this year, why not start with your barns and sheds? Here are some simple, inexpensive do-it-yourself projects to help you keep things out of the way and where you need them.

  1. Repurposed File Cabinet Storage Bin

You probably have an old filing cabinet kicking around, or have seen multiple ads for free ones on Kijiji.  This tutorial will show you how to look att it from a different perspective and create a truly  functional storage bin that would be perfect for any barn!

Turning your old file cabinet into a garage storage


  1. Pallet Wall Storage

Most of us have seen hundreds of ways to reuse free wood pallets. Here’s another one that creates a perfect wall storage unit.

Pallet Wall Storage


  1. Bucket Cubby Shelving

Square buckets, the kind that supplements and kitty litter comes in, make a perfect cubby shelving unit to store all kinds of things: from tools to grooming supplies!

Bucket Cubby Shelving


  1. PVC Pipe Tool Storage

Here’s a neat and clever way to organize and store your long handles tools, like pitch forks, rakes and spades, using bits of PVC pipe.

PVC Pipe Tool Storage


  1. PVC Hangers

These multi purpose wall hangers can be used for hanging anything, from hoses and extension cords to halters and bridles.

PVC Hangers


Happy organizing!
Link photo by Gordon Ross


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