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We have a bold vision for the future of farming, and we’re not afraid to back it up with some pretty bold statements.

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What farmers say about us

“Since meeting in 2006, my husband and I had often talked about how we would love to farm but it always seemed so unattainable. I knew about the FarmOn group and the video they had been preparing, and one day last fall I went on their website and watched it. My husband and I talked about it over the next few days and the following weekend we went out to his parents’ farm and brought up the idea of us moving there. At the first mention of it, his parents said that if we wanted to buy the farm, they were ready to let us take over….it meant so much to them that the farm would stay in the family, since it had been homesteaded by my husband’s great-grandfather in 1910. Things have been progressing since that day, and this week the land is officially transferring to our names. So that’s it, we are officially ranching and are proud to be raising the 5th generation of this family on our land! A huge “thank you” to FarmOn for the inspiration we needed to finally take the leap, it has already been such a rewarding decision.”

Melissa & MurrayVegreville, Alberta

“You guys are awesome. I am a 28 year old farmer and every time farming gets hard, FarmOn posts something and makes me push forward. Your farming creed post especially hit me in a hard time. Thank you for what you do.”

“We are trying to buy my in law’s farm. (the bank) wants 25% down. Thats A LOT of money. Any words of wisdom? Its something we have always wanted to do and see no better way to raise our kids. We won’t give up trying.”

“You are doing an amazing thing!  Farms are becoming a scarcity and you are offering young farmers a way to relook at the FARM!  Farm on.”

“Your website is amazing! This is giving me hope.”